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November 2004


























Okay, I know it's been a while, but really, not much has happened; Winter means climbing indoors for the most part, and while it is okay, it's not outdoors, so, well, the motivation is a bit low.

A while back Tom, Meg and I (Gimp) headed out to Morialta (Far Crag) for a climb. Starting with a top rope of Illequipt (18) and then The Crunge (21) Tom and I then had a rest while Meg climbed Shedidit (15).

Tom, deciding that he had The Crunge wired then decided to lead it. With only a dodgy #2 RP in a crystal-lined crack protecting the first half of the route he found better gear higher up, and managed to climb it clean. Of course then I was expected to climb it, so after Tom lowered and pulled the rope through I followed  on his pre-placed gear. We both ran a couple of on this and then moved over for a final lead of Lord's Prayer (15) before it was clear that the rain was on it's way and we declared "Beer O'clock."

All-in-all a good day.


It became pretty quiet in the gym with Meg spending a lot of her time in the weeks leading up to September preparing for Her and Tom's Wedding, she really was a busy lass and who can blame her for not having the time to climb?


...t-r-y-i-n-g m-y b-e-s-t




Ahhhh! there you go, that's better. Sorry Megsy, but I tried to be PC, it just wasn't me, I dunno, something about writing for the web page, it just makes me a different Gimp, it was busting to get out.

Seriously though, the Wedding was absolutely fantastic and Megan looked simply stunning and radiant, and Tom was... well, errr, did I mention that Megan looked great?

Heh heh.

I had fun at the State Titles for Bouldering and then Onsight Leading, and was lucky enough to score some holds to put on my woody (when it's done). Thanks very much to Pat Heppner at VR Gym for putting the events on, they were a lot of fun!

It's currently the 16th of September and we have exactly a month until Tom's birthday, and I can't wait to give him his present! I'm so excited!

What is it? I hear you ask.

An onsight of Downwind Of Angels (18) at Moonarie! Yay!!! Rated as one of the best, and a classic at any grade, it should be fuckin' awesome (to quote Spiderbait).

And it will be a well overdue return of the Feral - I think all that poncing around in dresses and dancing with other Sand-baggers (it was a little weird dancing with her) has made her a bit soft. Can you believe there was not a sign of flannel or Winnie Blue ciggies anywhere on the Big Day? Not even a swig of Johnnie Walker out of the bottle for any of the toasts! What's the world coming to?

umm, that's enough ranting about stuff-all for now, bye



VR Gym 22nd September

Some fun tonight with Tom, Meg, Quang and Adam being joined by Steven (Gimp Jr.) and Melissa. It was good to see Meg and Quang back out after a long stint of bushfire lighting.

Once again, not content with climbing the established problems, Gump and Gimp decided to devise their own evil routes, in particular a nasty little route allowing the use of any handholds, but only features for feet. Ouch!

Feral and Edna blew out the cobwebs on plenty of routes, deriving a great deal of pleasure in getting blown again... they also discovered that well-known fact: The longer it has been between "drinks," the less time it takes to get blown.

Steven and Melissa seemed to have fun, getting more than enough climbing in, while also doing what teenagers enjoy doing most: talking with a great deal of expertise and enthusiasm about absolutely nothing. They fitted in perfectly really.

Edna received the pressie that Tom and Meg had brought back from Thailand for him, a usb fan. Gimp nearly blew a gasket when Edna admitted that he had managed to download 15 gigabytes of information in 3 weeks, and then added that the fan may come in useful to keep him cool while he watched some movies, noting that he would also have to be careful not to get his pubic hair caught in it.



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